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People just like you, with whom God did extraordinary works despite broken dreams, failure and weakness. These dramatic stories will move you, inspire you, and challenge you to do even greater works for God! A must read if you have ever dreamed of doing great things for God.


A Promise to Count On
As I began to pray, the Spirit pressed these words into my heart and mind. I spoke them aloud, 'Someone here has an intense desire to have a child. Count from this day, nine months, and you shall have a baby.' I felt it so strongly, I said it again...Seven weeks passed. Sulamith sensed that something was different in her...


Cruel and Unusual
'Who are you, man?' I reached down and took his arms, freeing my legs from his grasp. 'Stand up here and let me look at you again.'
He brought himself up and looked at me, tears streaming from his (wonderful) brown eyes. He said one word to me, and then I knew him.
'Richard,' I whispered. 'You are Richard?' My memory rushed back. Twelve years ago I had seen him. I could not believe the change.

God will do amazing things through anyone who is willing to sincerely believe His Word. Reinhard Bonnke is a tremendous man of God who through his book "Even Greater" will ignite a passion to accomplish "even greater" things for God than can be imagined.

JOYCE MEYER, best-selling author and Bible teacher

Paperback, 190 pages.

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